Real Tenochtitlan Menu


Sopes Rancheros: crispy corn masa boats with savory shredded beef, roasted tomatoes, avocado and homemade fresh cheese. 7

Queso Fundido Clasico: Samuel’s artisanal Jack cheese with garlicky roasted peppers, homemade chorizo sausage and oregano. 7

Tostaditas de Ceviche: crisp little tortillas piled with lime-marinated Hawaiian blue marlin, manzanilla olives, tomato, serrano, jícama and cilantro. 8.75

Entremés Surtido: appetizer platter of cheesy quesadillas, crispy chicken taquitos with sour cream, tangy ceviche tostadas, and guacamole; FOR TWO OR MORE ONLY.
Two – 14
Three – 21
Four – 28

Guacamole: fresh and chunky, served with tortilla chips. 7.50

Arroz Negro Huatulco: “forbidden” black rice Mayan style with fresh seafood and blackened Yucatecan “recado negro”; poached quail egg, avocado and pine nuts 11.50

Uchepos Gratinados– fresh corn masa tamales drizzled with roasted chilaca cream, under a crust of two diferent cheeses. Michoacan. 6.50

Taquitos de Pollo: crispy taquitos filled with chicken and poblanos, flavor with Mexican oregano, homemade sour cream, salsa verde, añejo cheese and chunky guacamole. 6.95

Quesadillas Capitalinas: Mexico City-style quesadillas (corn masa turnovers) stuffed with Samuel’s locally handcrafted Jack cheese and fresh epazote; guacamole to daub. 7.00

Panucho Yucateco: traditional Yucatecan crispy tortilla filled with black beans and hardboiled egg, topped with shredded chicken in tangy escabeche . 7

Tostaditas: warm, just-made tortilla chips with two salsas: garlicky three-chile (cascabel, morita, guajillo) and roasted tomatillo with serrano and cilantro. 2.75

Ensalada de la Casa: house salada mixture of young seasonal shredded greens with wood-grilled onions, radishes, homemade fresh cheese and roasted-garlic dressing (balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil). 6.00

Jícama Botanera: crunchy jícama, cucumber and pineapple with fresh lime and crushed guajillo chile. 4.50


Tacos al Carbon: wood-grilled meat, poultry, fish or mushrooms sliced and served with roasted pepper rajas, two salsas, frijoles charros, guacamole and homemade tortillas. 13.50

Enfrijoladas de Huevos “Toreados”: black bean “enchiladas” filled with green-chile scrambled eggs. Neuske’s slab bacon 12.00

Enchiladas de Huevo con Bistec: fresh-baked corn tortillas rolled around spicy steak ‘n’ eggs, doused with roasted tomato-serrano chile sauce. A melted blanket of Samuel’s hand-made Indiana Jack cheese. Black beans. 15

Enchiladas de Mole Blanco: homemade tortillas rolled around Gunthorp free-range chicken, doused with Mexico’s most famous mole; black beans. 14.75

Enchiladas de Hongos al Chipotle: homemade tortillas filled with woodland mushrooms, red potatoes and caramelized onions, topped with spicy chipotle sauce and queso fresco. Wood-grilled knob onions. 14.00


Jugo Natural: fresh-squeezed juice of the day. 2.95

Huevos Motuleños (Yucatan): two fried eggs on a crispy tostada with roasted tomatoes, country ham, peas, sweet fried plantains, queso fresco and black beans. 8.50

Huevos Rancheros Verdes: eggs (sunny-side up), roasted green tomatillo sauce, fresh-baked corn tortillas, black beans, homemade fresh cheese, watercress. 8.00

Huevos Fronterizos: two eggs sunny-side up al ajillo (creamy, chipotle-scented roasted garlic sauce) with Yucatecan achiote sausage, atop homemade buttermilk biscuits; served with tangy baby greens. 10.50

Huevos Estilo “El Bajío”: two poached eggs in crispy masa boats with black beans, creamy chile poblano sauce, Mexican greens and homemade chorizo. 8.50

Chilaquiles L Guajillo: quick-simmered tortilla “casserole” with rustic red guajillo chile sauce, homemade crema, aged Mexican cheese (queso añejo), sunny-side up egg. Tangy baby greens. with one fried egg. 8.50
With grilled chicken breast. 10.50.
With steak 13.50

Azteca Hot Cakes : blue corn pancakes with whipped cream cheese, piloncillo-agave syrup, grilled chorizo and two eggs sunny-side up. 10.50

Pescado del Día: fresh day-boat catch of the day. Market price.

Carne Asada a la Oaxaquena: Creekstone Natural Black Angus rib steak, marinated in spicy red chile and wood- grilled, served with black beans, sweet plantains with sour cream, and guacamole. 18.50

Huevos a la Mexicana (de Lujo): eggs scrambled with fresh tomatoes, serranos, grilled green onions, cilantro and avocado; served with black beans and salsa verde.
With grilled Gulf shrimp. 11
With chorizo. 10

Sapitos: a trio of Xalapa-style gorditas (corn masa cakes) in chipotle-black bean sauce—each with its own topping: scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, chorizo and plantains; homemade crema and queso fresco. 10.50

Pozole Rojo: a big comforting bowl of Mexico’s classic pork and hominy soup/stew—infused with rich red chile and topped with all the classic crunchy, aromatic garnishes. 8.25

Sopa de Tortilla: a large earthenware bowl of rich tortilla soup with chicken, chile pasilla, avocado, queso fresco and homemade sour cream. 8.50

Cazuela de Borrego: tender brasied lamb with roasted tomatillos, white runner beans, poblanos and red onions. Warm tortillas for making soft tacos. 12.50


Verduras en Escabeche: homemade pickled jalapeños with carrots and cauliflower. 3.00

Arroz y Frijoles: black beans and Mexican rice. 4.00

Cebollitas Asadas: grilled green onions. 1.50

Crema: thick and rich cultured cream, a little sour, homemade. 2

Frijoles Charros: pinto beans simmered with bacon, poblanos, tomato and cilantro. 3.50

Frijoles Refritos: black beans fried with garlic, onion and epazote, topped with Mexican fresh cheese. 3.50

Plátanos con Crema: sweet fried plantains with homemade sour cream and fresh cheese. 5.50

Puré de Papas: rustic mashed potatoes. 4.25

Salsa Habanera: all you can eat!–very spicy roasted habanero salsa with garlic and lime. 2.50

Arroz a la Mexicana: traditional Mexican rice with a variety of flavors. Ask your server. 3.25

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