Caliente Menu

Two Eggs Any Style & Poblano Hash
with tortillas or toast $5
w/Bacon $7
w/Sun-dried tomato sausage $7
w/Smoked Ham $7

Almueda de Juevo
Fluffy egg omelet stuffed with baby spinach, Mexican cheese, fire roasted red pepper & portabella mushroom con salsa verde. Served with sun-dried tomato sausage $9

Sarten de Juevo Y Chorizo
Scrambled eggs with Mexican spicy sausage. Served with tortillas or toast $7

Juevos Y Arrachera
Prime Skirt Steak with eggs any style $12

Del Mar Benedict
Poached eggs on an English muffin & fresh crab with lime cilantro hollandaise $12

Poblano Papa Hash Y Lechon
Scrambled eggs with fried potatoes, poblano peppers & onion, Puerto Rican style pork, French bread $10

Avena de Nuez & Pasas
Homemade oatmeal with glazed pecans, plump dried fruits & guava toast $6

Caldo’s Y Guisado

Pozole de mi Mami
Tender pork with hominy in spicy red chile broth top w/red cabbage, white onion, limon, oregano & cilantro. Served with House Chips $6/9

Caldo de Elote
Corn cream soup with roasted red pepper $4


Sopa de Mariscos
Shrimp, mussels, white fish and scallops $12

Caldo de Pollo
Home style chicken soup, seasonal vegetables & rice $6

Guisado de Pollo
Puerto Rican style baked chicken with potatoes & arroz con gondulez $9

Mini Cubis
Mini French Pressed Sandwich Served con Arroz Y Gondulez or Chips con Tabasco

El Tradicional
Roasted port, honey baked ham, pickles, Chipotle mayo & dijon mustard $7

Mini Pollo de Tinga Y Achiote
Grilled achiote chicken breast salad $6

Mini de Calabacita Y Cabra
Grilled zucchini, portabella and goat cheese $6

Mini de Lomo
Grilled rib-eye steak and onion $7

Argentine Burger
Home made ½ sirloin burger with Argentine flavored spices $8

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