Rios D’Sudamerica Menu

Rio’s Specialties

Skirt Steak with hash $12
Peruvian Tamale
filled with pork, egg, olive and hot pepper. $4
Nortena Tamale
cilantro base tamale filled with chicken, egg, olive and hot pepper. $4
Lomo Al Jugo
Steak, onions, tomato. Simmered until juicy. $7
Chicharones Fritos
Marinated fried pork. Served with two sweet potato wedges. $7

EGGceptional & Omelets

All eggs served with hash browns and toast.
(sausage or bacon add $3)
One egg – your way $4
Two eggs – your way $4.5
Three eggs – your way $5
Greek Omelet
feta cheese, tomato and spinach $8
Ham and Cheese Omelet $8
Veggie Omelet
broccoli, mushroom, green peppers, onions and tomatoes $8
Classic Denver
ham, onions and green peppers $9
Choose your cheese – swiss, munster, American, mozzarella, feta & cheddar
substitute egg whites $1.50 additional

Waffles & Pancakes

stack of 4 fluffly buttermilk pancakes $5
buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh stawberries $7 
buttermilk pancakes cooked and garnished with a slightly grilled pineapple  $7
Belgian Waffle $5.50
Rio’s Waffle 
topped with mango & passion fruit glaze $7

Hangover Special

Ceviche de Pescado o Mixto

fresh sole or flounder marinated in lime juice cilantro, aji limo and onions. Served with Pervuian corn and sweet potato $13
Sopa de Pollo
traditional chicken soup with celery, carrots, potato, noodles and chunks of chicken $6
Caldo de Camarones
fresh shrimp soup $8

(served on French bread)

Jamon Del Pais 
seasoned oven roasted ham accompanied by marinated onions, lettuce, and mustard $5
Ham, Egg and Cheese 
ham and Munster cheese sandwich $5
Ham and Egg $4.50
Veggie Sandwich $4

Toast $2
English Muffin $2
Short Stack of Pancakes $4
French Fries $4
Yucca Fritas $4
French Bread $2
Sweet Potato Slices $3

Mimosa $3
Bloody Mary $3
Cafe $2
Milk $3
Orange Juice $3
Grapefruit Juice $3
Pineapple Juice $3


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