What was once the essential “last meal” of the weekend has taken rise in Chicago with countless new options for the unconventional dine-out time of the day. Chicago Brunch Blog serves as the first guide to the latest reviews, events, industry news, and best in brunch that the city has to offer.


If you would like to submit an article, photos, brunch-related poetry/art, or simply would like consideration for your favorite schmear spot, please send an email to chicagobrunchblog@gmail.com.


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No one likes a hefty lawsuit, so here’s a disclaimer: although CBB does its best to rigorously research using a variety of reliable sources, mistakes can happen. Your best bet is to contact a restaurant for event information, as last minute changes may occur. If something presented on this site is inaccurate, please email chicagobrunchblog@gmail.com

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