Open post: SYKE! That ain’t toast, it’s syrup bread

The domain will not be down for 48 hours, because there is something weird going on inside of itself. I have contacted customer support for Carly and I hope she doesn’t ask me what is wrong because I’m tired of giving her nerdsplanations.

Speaking of something weird going on inside of things, what is the deal with syrup infused bread? I went to Denny’s to cure an after-wedding hangover and ordered the new “Grand Slamwich.”

I think this is brunch related.

I think this is brunch related.

It seemed like a good idea:

My favorite part is "Protein-?%"

My favorite part is "Protein-?%"

But it had soggy syrup bread, like a McGriddle®, and fat dollop of mayonnaise to really round out the flavor. I ate half of it extremely slowly whilst washing it down with black coffee which also seemed to have grease in it. My waitress did not look surprised when I said “no thanks” to her “would you like a box?” I think she could tell I was now closer to death than before attempting the Grand Slamwich.

Next time I go to Dennys (hopefully never) I’m getting Moons Over My Hammy.

— Mark Hauge

Editor’s note: If you’re wondering who the fuck is Mark Hauge, he is Chicago Brunch Blog’s Keeper of the Internetz. He came up with that title himself while drinking Mountain Dew during a heated game of D&D. Sorry, I meant Counter Strike. Hauge skills, which can be classified as “mad,” are currently doing a whole lot of awesome to the Chicago Brunch Blog site. At least that’s what I’m guessing, because I have no idea what he’s talking about half the time.


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