The Golden Nugget

The creperie was closed and we had thirty minutes. Golden Nugget restaurants always seem to come to the rescue during moments like this. It was a warm summer morning and we did crosswords together. He ordered a breakfast burrito, while I stuck with pancakes and eggs. He seemed anxious, certainly unlike the passionate and sweet Casanova from the night before. This felt forced. He picked at his breakfast burrito.

“You should take that on the road with you,” I suggested.

He said nothing and raised an eyebrow. I invited him to sit next to me and fill out some crosswords. We passed back and forth the copy of the Will Shortz book, inked in varying degrees of certainty. I looked disgusting. Did he notice? Was this why he did not want to stick his tongue in my mouth anymore? The pancakes were filling and delicious.

Our waitress was kind and deserving of a generous tip. Slightly more expensive than the Cozy Diner, I made the unfortunate and hung-over mistake of ordering both orange juice and coffee. I didn’t have enough money and he fronted the remainder of the bill for me, sighing with a look that said, “Oh you.”

We stepped outside for a cigarette and he waited for his ride. I sat idly in front of the Golden Nugget as he paced back and forth on the sidewalk, saying nothing and checking his cell phone repeatedly until a black Honda Civic pulled up. “I’ll call you later,” he said, rushing into the car without kissing me goodbye. He never did call me again. I haven’t been back to that Golden Nugget since that morning, but I presume, like all the others, it remains the same kind of pancake house you can share an awkward brunch with a one-night stand.

Golden Nugget Pancake Houses are open 24 hours at these locations:

Irving Park
3234 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, IL 60618

2720 N. Clark St.

, IL 60614


Logan Square
2406 W. Diversey Ave.

, IL 60647


4747 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

— Carly Fisher


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