More than 140 words on brunch at Tweet

Along with an overall demand of actual reviews, Tweet is one of the most frequently requested restaurants for additional coverage. To my defense, I do have a very legitimate excuse for the lack of reviews: it’s called rolling high on my morning food coma.

Intoxicating brunch cocktails at Tweet (Photo: Carly Fisher)

Intoxicating brunch cocktails at Tweet (Photo: Carly Fisher)

Also, because I am a broke and pathetic excuse for a human being, I’m currently selling myself to pay for a worthwhile digital camera. In the meantime, I have to rely on certain a friend with the means to shoot photos for me. Said friend is also likely to kill numerous houseplants and try to will her retarded, pure breed cat on me in the event of an untimely death. But, she pulled through and therefore we are blessed with not only beautiful photography, but also an actual review this week!

11 a.m., believe it or not (Photo: Carly Fisher)

I was with Ms. Emily Stuart and Mr. Kyle Cannon on this week’s brunch adventure. The Tweet excursion began as I suggested a poorly-considered hang over cure; mainly, the popular restaurant’s typical 45-minute wait was not factored into my thought process. Luckily, Tweet cocktails feature healthy portions of alcohol to bring out that inner aging socialite in all of us. Additionally, complimentary coffee is an excellent touch to repress your appetite while you wait. BONUS: variety of low-calorie sweeteners!

A Bloody Fine Morning (Photo: Carly Fisher)

A Bloody fine morning (Photo: Carly Fisher)

The secret must be in the sauce, as Bloody Marys and Mimosas filled the hands of almost every patron waiting in a room crowded enough to muffle even the boldest proclamation of your clandestine love for the pool boy. Perfectly seasoned, beautifully garnished and definitely not watered down, Tweet’s Bloody Mary is a classic family recipe from Grandma, who I imagine must be quite the hoot after a glass or three of these! I know that I certainly felt it!


Classic Eggs Benedict (Photo: Carly Fisher)

Classic Eggs Benedict (Photo: Carly Fisher)

Eclectic, retro kitsch seems to be the intended decor, but a salon-style showcase of the restaurant’s non-cohesive art collection seems to cheapen the look. The unfortunate part is that there are actually a number of good prints hidden among a mass of poorly matted and framed prints, presumably picked up from Target. Because Tweet is a restaurant, not an art gallery, the selected arrangement is a bit of an eyesore in a venue that is already pushing capacity at a rate of too-close-for-comfort. I am always one to enjoy the company of a stranger’s lap, but not with my brunch, thank you very much.


Stack of fluffy banana-strawberry buckwheat pancakes (Photo: Carly Fisher)

Stack of fluffy banana-strawberry buckwheat pancakes (Photo: Carly Fisher)


Unsurprisingly, the crowded and long waits exist for a reason: the menu. Entrees are reasonably priced and equally tempting. Patience is rewarded with a complimentary spice cake and hearty portions of fresh ingredients that are nearly impossible to finish. Buckwheat pancakes were loaded with fruit and yet not soggy, and a perfectly poached eggs benedict was topped with an irresistible Hollandaise sauce. The house-made peach compote was tasty, but could benefit as an addition to a cobbler. In retrospect, I would probably select the fresh fruit cup, which came with some of the largest strawberries and blackberries I have ever lay eyes on. Thank you genetically modified fruit!


Hamburgler (Photo: Carly Fisher)

Hamburgler (Photo: Carly Fisher)

The only other area of improvement was service. Though our waitress was kind, she was scarce. Table turnover is great thanks to attentive bus boys, whom we relied on for the majority of our brunch. As is the plight of assisting staff, they are most deserving of the full tip that they will likely see only a small portion. Weekend brunch is a busy time open to leniency, but it’s a bit far fetched to be unable to locate a server in a room no larger than my living room for 15 minutes.

Brunch at Tweet is really a matter of priorities. If atmosphere is of no consequence to you in the hunt for your perfect brunch, it’s a safe choice food-wise, as everything hit the mark on my personal, “Eat like there’s no tomorrow” scale. But if crowds and noise only intensify the pounding in your supple, dehydrated brain, you might want to steer clear for a quieter spot.

Tweet is located at 5020 N. Sheridan Rd. in Uptown. Brunch is served daily 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., closed on Tuesdays. For more information, call 773.728.5576.

— Carly Fisher


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    jess said,


  2. 2

    emily said,

    this review is both awesome and accurate.

  3. 3

    Julie said,

    Tweet is fantastic! My friends and I started a monthly brunch club about four years ago. I just moved to Minneapolis and Tweet is still the one I miss most though. The hash browns, benedict/florentines and bloody mary’s — yum! The chilaquiles and biscuits with gravy are also great if you haven’t tried them yet. I have yet to be with anyone who can finish a quiche platter. It is huge! As for the compote… I only get it when I order French toast or pancakes and use it as a topping. Otherwise, the fruit cup is the way I go. Here is a secret to the service… become a regular. They are seriously the sweetest, most amazing people on the planet. If they get to know you, you will be treated like family.

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