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Subtle energies at work

To answer the million dollar question on everyone’s minds: yes, this site still exists, and yes, I am updating. Much like the blue line or the Dan Ryan, Chicago Brunch Blog is always undergoing some kind of underground renovation that happens magically overnight — except significantly less aggravating. 

Coming Attractions
– Reviews! 
– New listings in the Restaurant Directory!
– Sexy food photography!
– Employment! (Seriously, if you can hook a sister up with a steady paycheck, let me know) 
– Brunch! All the time! 

If you plan on going up to Boystown for some wild and crazy Pride festivities, check out brunch options in Lakeview, Lincoln Park and Andersonville on where to pre-game pancakes before getting shitfaced all afternoon.

— Carly Fisher


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More than 140 words on brunch at Tweet

Along with an overall demand of actual reviews, Tweet is one of the most frequently requested restaurants for additional coverage. To my defense, I do have a very legitimate excuse for the lack of reviews: it’s called rolling high on my morning food coma.

Intoxicating brunch cocktails at Tweet (Photo: Carly Fisher)

Intoxicating brunch cocktails at Tweet (Photo: Carly Fisher)

Also, because I am a broke and pathetic excuse for a human being, I’m currently selling myself to pay for a worthwhile digital camera. In the meantime, I have to rely on certain a friend with the means to shoot photos for me. Said friend is also likely to kill numerous houseplants and try to will her retarded, pure breed cat on me in the event of an untimely death. But, she pulled through and therefore we are blessed with not only beautiful photography, but also an actual review this week!

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CBB gets a facelift

This is overdue, but in case you didn’t notice that beautiful new banner staring you in the face, Chicago Brunch Blog has been given a makeover without the awkward insinuation of a cosmetic purchase like at the Macy’s beauty counter. Much thanks to Mike Zwahlen for his mad skillz. 

— Carly Fisher

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