Publican Twitter Fest 2k9 and the after math

I did not bear witness to Publican’s grand brunch premiere, but looking at Paul Kahan’s play-by-play Twittering, it sounds like a power nap is in order. Surprisingly, Twittering from the kitchen is not as awful as I predicted. Kahan produced a few gems amid the morning mania, and made me appreciate the fact that I am a patron instead of an employee plagued with behind-the-scene stresses.

Personal fav’s from the Twitter Fest:

  1. I don’t know what the hell we’re gonna do with this toaster. See if anyone out there wants to trade it. It made 4 pieces of toast. #pubam
  2. Hearing a baby cry, yo la tengo in the background, sun coming in. Something poetic about this. #pubam That’s all the serious, all day.
  3. I got a 13-top coming in. Seal the deal. Not funny. #pubam
  4. No matter how much I work out I still look fat. Wrestler neck #pubam
  5. you didn’t twitter that we sent the bagels to the wrong table, did you? actually, it’s going pretty well. we gotta lot of work to do. #pubam

Click here to see Kahan’s Twitter site, filled with pics from the brunch opening.

Carly Fisher


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