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Solid as a Rockit brunch

Not counting the hoards of tourists, suburbanites and other slow walkers that dominate Michigan Avenue, is it just me or does the rest of River North seems to fade into a ghost town on Sunday morning? Are people too unmotivated to leave their respective neighborhoods to venture back into that familiar commute that consumes most of our 9-5 lives? Or is it a source of hung over déjà vu from the night before? Apparently neither. I have no idea where the masses came from based on the total of three pedestrians and five cars that I encountered on my walk from the CTA to Rockit Bar & Grill, but brunch was bustling Sunday morning.

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Party Hearty (All the time)

Food Network darlings Dan and Steve are back in the brunch game and set to open The Hearty Boys, starting this Sunday, Feb. 15 from 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chicago Brunch Buzz 2/8

The Past

If you haven’t made the mistake already, this helpful update will help deter a rare disappointment: The Bluebird serves brunch seasonally. Don’t fear; brunch is set to return Summer ’09. Keep checking back for updates.

Winds Cafe is on hiatus for a little while as they remodel their restaurant, so you’ll need to score jerk chicken elsewhere for the time being.

The Present

I know, I know. The Logan Square and Lincoln Park pages in the Restaurant Directory were quite bare. Expect more to come there, along with updated menus. Also, don’t forget to browse your neighborhood to find new brunch spots in your area and others.

The Future

Restaurant spotlights are coming back! Look out for inside information from Rockit Bar and Grill, Milk and Honey Cafe, and more.

— Carly Fisher

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Carnival Brunch at C-House

What: Carnival Brunch at C-House
Feb. 21-22, 2009, 10:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
C-House at the Affinia Chicago
166 E. Superior St., Chicago, IL 60611, 312.523.0923

Despite the fact that airfare to Rio is dirt cheap right now, chances are you don’t have the money or vacation time for a Carnival getaway (trust that I’ve cried those 99 tears time and again). Fortunately, the good folks at C-House have taken the liberty of throwing together a special Bossa Nova brunch that will allow you to pretend for at least one morning.
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