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Restaurant Directory is back in action

Christ, it’s cold outside. I can barely pull myself out of bed to work, let alone walk around leisurely in freezing temperatures in search of a good brunch restaurant.


Lucky for all of you, I have taken upon the thankless task of giving the Restaurant Directory a much needed major overhaul, including the addition of menus to whet your palate. The following are just a few of what’s in store for the growing database. Read the rest of this entry »


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What’s for lunch today?

On the lunch end of brunch things:

Hungry, angry and amid serious hibernation, lunchtime is a desperate sort of weekday pleasure. Was your lunch delicious and filling, or predictable and bland? Did you cross the tundra for your favorite restaurant, slip through the pedway for a convenient snack, or is it yet another peanut butter and jelly day?

Discuss your prospects and results with the lunch lady and other lunch enthusists at this new blog:

— Carly Fisher

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There are a few new postings in the Restaurant Directory, but I won’t tell you which. Browse through your neighborhood’s section and try to guess which one is new. As if you’re doing work anyway.

— Carly Fisher

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