Gospel Brunch at House of Blues

If you think the city’s stifling heat and humidity has felt like living in the bayou for the past few months, try putting on your Sunday best and sitting through an entire church service on an empty stomach with no air conditioning, and then talk to me. Or, find a happier medium for the Southern experience at the House of Blues Gospel Brunch, featuring live performances paired with a brunch buffet in a temperature-regulated environment. Tickets are pricey — $45.50-$50.50 for adults and $22.00 for kids (if they look like they’re under six, work with it and they get in free) — but you’re basically paying for a concert and all-you-can-eat omelets, shrimp, corn muffins, fried chicken, bread pudding, and so forth. Besides, after a few strong mimosas, you’ll probably walk out feeling on a higher level anyway.

Here is the list of scheduled September performances:
09/07/08 Bishop Troy Garner & Victory International, hosted by Elaine Robison
09/14/08 William Smith Jr. & Renewed Voices for Christ, hosted by Cedric Nunley
09/21/08 Timothy Brown & True Praise, hosted by Elaine Robison
09/28/08 Walter Cunningham & Chicago’s One Accord, hosted by Cedric Nunley 

Tickets can be purchased directly at the Chicago House of Blues box office (which will save you $2.50), or by calling 312.923.2000.

For more information, visit the House of Blues website.

— Carly Fisher


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